Amy Beam

Tasked with leading Director of People Operations at Edafio, Amy combines two of her strongest professional traits: a love for people, and an IT-focused career. Seeking the next generation of talent, aligning individual and company goals, and implementing an optimal culture comprise a day in the life of Amy.

Over 20 years in the IT industry, Amy is no stranger to the uniqueness of the tech scene. She began her career working with data and knew shortly thereafter she wanted to be on the ‘people’ side of the house.

It was here she found her calling. Beginning in career development, she soon moved into the role of a recruiter. Enthusiasm, attention to detail, and organization helped push Amy to the upper echelon of technical recruiters. A genuine desire to help companies find talent, and an even stronger desire to connect people with careers, are what puts Amy in a class of her own.

Beam graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in General Business.  Outside of the office, Amy enjoys spending time outdoors and being with her husband, Austin, and her three children Logan, Riley, and Blair.

I'm super happy to be at Edafio and excited to be a part of the growth. It's a great time to jump on board!

Channel Co CRN Women of the Channel award 2021