Edafio Consulting Cloud Engineer, Shane Moore receives VMware vExpert award for the 2nd Year in a Row

Shane Moore, Consulting Cloud Engineer at Edafio Technology Partners, was one of a select few of IT professionals in the US selected for the VMware vExpert award.

Of the 2,100 vExperts worldwide, Moore received this honor for his willingness to share his technical expertise and communicate the value of VMware and virtualization to his colleagues, community, and the world.

“Being awarded the title of vExpert is significant because it is a recognition from VMware that you are one of the top contributing VMware experts on the planet. Moore’s contributions, knowledge, and experience to the VMware community help move the platform and other VMware professionals forward,” said Will Smothers, Edafio Cloud Team Lead.

“Having a vExpert like Shane on staff means that our customers can rest assured that their VMware environments will be installed and managed by the very best in the business. vExpert is an honor that few achieve and fewer put to use every day. Shane is part of a select group that puts their knowledge of VMware to the test every single day.”

“One of the most effective ways I was able to contribute was through my blog  www.virtuallyshane.com. In my blog, you will find the latest news about VMware, Powershell & PowerCLI tips and tricks to help automate repetitive tasks, and general things I have found to help simplify sophisticated technology issues.

Moore’s technical career spans 20 years of in the IT field with a 13-year certification standing with Microsoft and VMware. 

From working with smaller businesses to Walmart, a Fortune #1 company, he has found a new perspective on finding solutions that fit the end user’s needs while keeping cost and function top priority. 

Edafio is always looking for exceptional people like Shane to join our team. Be sure to visit our careers page to learn more information on current job opportunities.

Melissa Swann

Melissa Swann brings 25 plus years of experience in integrated marketing, public relations, face-to-face event management, sales activation, and client relationship management to her Director of Marketing at Edafio Technology Partners. Among the more versatile professional service marketers in the field, Melissa combines experience, knowledge, and expertise rarely found in a single individual: strategic planning, branding, creative concept development, and design and project management are all areas where Melissa has added value, built business and distinguished herself from her peers. With a record of achievement across the whole spectrum of communication channels and audiences, she has proven her effectiveness in understanding market needs and in developing compelling programs and content targeted to both consumer and business-to-business audiences. Melissa has a unique ability to simplify the presentation of complex product and service offerings and make them more accessible and actionable.