Have you felt like Cybersecurity is the war that is going on around you but you don’t see or understand? Then you are part of the majority.

Edafio, along with our partner Recon Infosec, are happy to provide a free interactive workshop that will introduce you to high levels of information with low levels of undefined acronyms – all designed for the day-to-day business person (we will keep technical talk to a minimum).

Participants in this workshop will see:

A live “red team / blue team” hacking event: Watch live as one team plays hacker and plants a ransomware attack while another team attempts to head off the attack – all with a full explanation. This session is for the business person – not the technical.

A look at “Incident Response” and what to expect if you are ever part of one

A panel discussion with cybersecurity experts designed to introduce you to broad security concepts that can help your organization

Functional takeaways that can be put into practice immediately at your organization – many that can be implemented at no cost

And, of course, there will be time to mingle with other business leaders and cybersecurity professionals during a reception and a Bourbon tour of the Rock City Distillery for those who are interested.

Space is Limited!
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