When it comes to Wi-Fi solutions for your business, you want something more than just an internet connection.

You want security. Reliability. Speed. Guaranteed connection. Mobility. Cloud networking. It’s easy to feel like you have to pick and choose what you want from your Wi-Fi – but with Edafio, you get it all. We’re bringing our expertise and insight to Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge on October 13 from 5-7:30 for a panel discussion on The Future of Wi-Fi – and a few rounds of bowling. Join us for some friendly competition, food, drinks, several hot item giveaways and an insightful conversation on how Edafio’s Wi-Fi solutions can make your company more connected than ever.

As the leading unlicensed wireless technology, Wi-Fi is delivering unbelievable momentum in growth and innovation. Join us as we “strike” up a panel discussion on the Future of Wi-fi with wireless industry leaders and guest speakers:

In this session, they will give insights on

  • Discover the costs and capabilities of LTE and Wi-Fi
  • How does Wi-Fi complement cellular coverage?
  • What are some characteristic differences between these technologies?
  • When would it make sense to use LTE for work?
  • What environments do you design Wi-Fi for?
  • How do you decide where to put Access Points?
  • What are some dos and don’ts for Wi-Fi installation?
  • How can I make my Wi-Fi faster?
  • What are some up-and-coming improvements to Wi-Fi I should know about?
  • Discover the latest wave in Wi-Fi innovation and how organizations like Conway Regional, Hendrix College and The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts have improved their business networks’ reliability, scalability, and quality with WIFI technology.

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