Our Expertise


Cybersecurity is no longer an option. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly reliant on the Internet and information technology systems to run their business operations. With such a dependency on technology, there is an increased opportunity for malicious entities to take advantage of system vulnerabilities. Today, businesses are just one data breach away from making headline news, resulting in severe damage to the organization’s valued reputation.

Security expertise is a foundational component of Edafio’s managed services offering. The three pillars of Information Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) are at the heart of daily life at Edafio. We realize security is an ongoing and ever-evolving endeavor, which requires a dedicated team of professionals working around the clock. Many Edafio clients partner with us through our Managed Services offering to leverage and incorporate our world-class security monitoring, interpretation, and remediation skills into every thread of their IT canvas. 

Best in class cybersecurity depends on multiple layers, and below are some of the cybersecurity offerings we provide our clients:

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Security Risk Assessment for HIPAA compliance
  • Security Management and Governance Consulting
  • Next Generation Firewall Management
  • Security Awareness Programs, Training Resources, and Presentations tailored to your environment
  • Network Security and Regulatory Consulting Services (HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, SOX, etc.)
  • Holistic Multi-Tiered Turnkey Security Solutions
  • Data Loss Prevention Implementations
  • Ransomware Protection and Remediation
  • Vulnerability Management Solutions (scanning, interpretation, & remediation)
  • Penetration testing (internal and external)

And, of course, Edafio provides basic security blocking and tackling, including:

  • Centralized Anti-Virus Solutions
  • E-mail Encryption Services
  • Internet and E-mail filtering, monitoring, and reporting services