Empowering IT. Powered by people.

New advances and technology are rewriting business rules every day, bringing many organizations to a tipping point, which leaves us asking critical questions.

  • How can we drive digital transformation forward faster without incurring huge expenses?
  • Who can we depend on to keep our data and systems secure and protected from malicious cyberattacks?
  • How do we engage with associates and clients?


Make an Informed, Scalable Decision with Edafio

The answer: Edafio brings innovation to you.

Our comprehensive suite of intelligent technology solutions provides everything you need to modernize your IT ecosystem:

IT Management

IT Consulting


Cloud Computing

Healthcare Optimization

Experience the Edafio Difference by using a single trusted provider.

Our mission is to provide business-driven technology solutions that enable clients to protect and run their business.

We battle-harden your infrastructure with added layers of protection to increase security and restrict unauthorized access and cyber threats.

We protect your entire technology environment and your data with seamless backups and disaster recovery for fast and secure recovery.

Edafio is here to help when you need us the most.

In the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster, our team of experts can centrally manage and monitor the health of all your integrated IT infrastructure. With round the clock, full visibility into your network, we will keep your technology secure and running efficiently with high-speed connections. We equip organizations to connect their teams and branch offices to an enterprise-class cloud network using a wide range of communication channels. Staff can join from home, on the road or anywhere business takes them. Edafio creates a more resilient network for multi-site locations with high-performance connections, using real-time traffic orchestration and error-correcting technologies. You never have to worry about virtual meeting drops or low bandwidth availability.

We manage your network to guarantee reliable uptime and network performance. Our thoroughly trained and certified team of specialists guard your network 24/7 and fix issues before they happen.

Let us do the heavy lifting to proactively:

Reduce downtime

Improve efficiency

Strengthen security

Dealing with an army of vendors to get the services you need doesn’t make sense anymore. Consider investing in a single trusted partner who can deliver turnkey solutions with unparalleled personal service and responsiveness, all the while enjoying significant savings, redundancy and capacity to expand customer reach and grow your business.