Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Data breaches, system malfunctions, service interruptions and human error create costly interruptions and permanent data loss within an organization. Safeguard your data from disaster with an integrated approach that drops the complexity and costly downtime. Edafio offers a cloud-based solution protecting your most critical data and systems.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery combine secure backup and rapid recovery of virtual and physical environments into the cloud for complete data protection. An offsite cloud secures backups disconnected from the network – ready for when a disaster scenario strikes. When you need to recover your data, we can restore your network with extremely limited data loss and minimal interruption to operations. With data backup and disaster recovery solution, we can protect, manage and support your most critical data and systems—no matter where they are—on-premise or in the cloud.

24/7/365 Network Operation Center

Edafio’s 24/7/365 network operation center manages, tests, protects and backs up your data under a single centralized platform offering complete visibility into backup and recovery operations. Accessible on-site backups with disaster recovery are secured in an offsite data center disconnected from your network to ensure your data are always safe.

Recover single files to entire virtual machines from your most-used systems enterprise applications, virtual platforms and documents.

Our cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery solutions are compatible with:

  • VMware
  • SQL
  • SharePoint
  • Windows Service
A hard drive for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups: There When You Need Them Most

You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone—that’s absolutely true when it comes to data loss. And while we all hope to never need our backups, it’s important to have them when we do.

How Will Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Help My Business?

  • Deliver fast and reliable recovery of your data in the cloud, allowing you to restore specific virtual machines or an entire site with zero data loss and minimum disruption.
  • Secure your critical data from ransomware, data breaches, equipment failures or natural disasters with our comprehensive, fully managed data backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • Manage and support your scheduling, alerts and testing process with our certified engineers.
  • Supply around the clock monitoring and quick response to real-time data disasters.
  • Fulfill your specific organizational needs with two deployment models:
    • Backup directly to the cloud
    • Store locally and replicate to the cloud.
  • Improved and efficient performance help minimize impact on the server and network resources.

We support you the entire way by taking care of the entire process, giving you peace of mind, increased productivity and better network and system dependability. 

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