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Edafio Cloud: Introducing Intelligent Technology

Why Edafio Cloud

We deliver the expertise needed to help you make Hybrid IT simple. Combined with Edafio heritage and leadership in IT, strength in infrastructure, and partner ecosystems, our professionals can help you deliver better outcomes faster.

Mobile computing is the new standard, adjusting workflows, communication patterns, and how we consume information. Implementing Edafio Cloud gives more unrivaled flexibility and insight into making well-informed business decisions. Edafio Cloud provides a multi-layered security approach with built-in industry-specific compliance standards and eliminates up-front hardware costs and license complexity.

Get the versatility of the public cloud but under your control with Edafio Cloud—complete with curated solutions that deliver IT outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise pay-per-use model. Edafio Cloud can help enable and produce these solutions for you, allowing you to focus your own IT resources where they are most valuable and needed. Partnering with a Cloud provider like Edafio, you cut out much of what is problematic with traditional IT, including the time-to-design for a new solution, long acquisition cycles, sizeable up-front capital investments, risky do-it-yourself implementation and labor-intensive operations.


Make an Informed, Scalable Decision with Edafio

The Edafio Way

Edafio Cloud is a private cloud solution that delivers the benefits of the cloud without the frustrations.

Some information is too sensitive to be in the cloud. Some solutions require more flexibility than offered by a public cloud provider who only accepts requests by email or web form submission. Host your critical information systems on our hardware in our world-class data center but still experience the benefits of live, local enterprise-level support, and a provider who responds directly to you.

Cloud solutions are an essential solution, but you need a partner with high-level expertise to help you pick the right options. Our Cloud Computing Solutions include everything: designing the right solution and providing service, maintenance, and 24/7 support after the deployment.

We can help you identify the proper solutions for your business and provide you service, support, security, and maintenance while improving your productivity and meeting your budgetary needs. Edafio Cloud delivers the best private cloud solutions for our clients.

This raises the question: how do businesses tap into the flexibility and convenience of the cloud, still maintain security and control, and alleviate the operational burden on IT?

Edafio has found an answer by delivering consumption-based IT. It’s called Edafio Cloud.

Experience the best of both worlds

Outcome-based IT consumption Edafio Cloud delivers an array of benefits that you can’t get from solutions built from scratch or bought from the public cloud. Edafio brings the best of both worlds, allowing:

  • Private Hosting – Private and secure cloud solutions focusing on companies of all sizes.
  • Mobility – Cloud computing solutions allow your team the flexibility to accomplish their work from a remote location or on the go.
  • Multi-layer Security – Firewall, hardware & software security
  • Proactive Monitoring – Skilled cloud infrastructure engineer professionals keep an eye on your systems’ health and resolve problems before they occur.
  • Automation – Features and integrations to allow your business to automate tasks, increasing overall productivity.
  • Scalability – We are ready to scale with you. As your business’s network and hosting needs change, Edafio Cloud has the storage, capacity, expertise, and reliability for stable, competitive system integration.
  • Disaster Recovery – Continuity has never been so seamless. Edafio makes data backup and recovery effortless and automated for every client – from rapid recovery to long-term retention. These new cloud services through Edfaio include secure and efficient backup and an enterprise cloud backup service, which enables backup and recovery to/from the cloud and with the readiness to initiate data for recovery and analytics.
  • Cloud Experts helping you with the entire process from planning to implementation and evolving into the future.
  • Faster time to value with customized turnkey solutions that will move ahead of your business needs with speed and agility
  • Improved Profitability with a flexible, pay-per-use model that offers simplicity and financial clarity

As public cloud services grow in popularity, IT teams feel the pressure to deliver a suitable technology model from business leaders. At the same time, the need for security and control remains high. For IT teams, it puts them in a dilemma. Building a suitable technology model delivers compliance, control, and security purposes, but takes a lot of time, effort, and up-front capital.

The bottom line, different businesses have different needs, which is why hybrid solutions are so desirable. The fact remains that hybrid IT is complex, requiring time, resources, and skillsets that are not always available when you need them. As most IT resources are devoted to day-to-day operations, leaving little time to focus on delivering innovative technology that will meet business demands.

Why not optimize your IT experience with a solution that does much of the work for you—and adds peace of mind? 

As your business evolves and your solution as your policies, procedures, and technical requirements change, we will help you stay ahead of growth—and enable longterm agility and security.