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Virtualization Backs the Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing is possible because of a technology called Virtualization. Virtualization allows for creating a simulated, digital-only “virtual” computer that behaves like a physical computer with its hardware.

The Virtualization of applications and desktops has provided more available access to users and employees, allowing remote work to be more flexible. The Virtualization of networks, storage, and servers improves productivity and performance indicators for all sizes organizations that need robust and sound infrastructure.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is building a software-based or virtual representation of something, such as virtual applications, servers, storage, and networks.

Edafio Virtualization automates IT processes and generates flexible conditions for computing, storage, and networking resources. It is the single most effective method to minimize IT expenses while increasing performance and agility for businesses of all sizes. Our dedicated team of specialists focuses on the everyday management of data and infrastructure virtualization. We enable high-level monitoring and management tools to ensure your IT assets deliver the performance your clients need.

Traditionally, companies had hardware-based everything. Imagine going from having multiple pieces of hardware and going down to maybe one machine that does the work of two or three machines. For example, after a hospital went through a significant Virtualization project, it went from having 26 racks of servers to five. By Virtualization, an organization reduces server cooling, drastically reducing costs as well as their carbon footprint!


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Benefits of Virtualization

Partnering with Edafio, we keep your technology investments running better than ever while gaining significant savings.

Greater workload versatility, increased performance, availability of resources, and automated operations—are all benefits of Virtualization that make IT easier to maintain and less expensive to own and operate. Additional benefits include:

  • Dramatically minimized downtime and outages
  • Flexible migrations and deployments
  • Reduced server cooling and power needs
  • Enhanced backup and recovery plans
  • Decreased management and maintenance
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Increased IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and responsiveness
  • Faster provisioning of applications and resources
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Simplified data center management