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What Value Does Vulnerability Management Bring to my Organization?

Even with a reputable and well-tuned firewall, antivirus software, and an intrusion detection system (IDS), organizations are still at risk. Most firewalls aren’t designed to protect networks or systems from vulnerabilities, and a misconfigured firewall is a significant vulnerability. Antivirus software can catch known viruses but does not always identify previously unknown threats. An IDS can indicate most incoming threats, but can also be bypassed through an executed code remotely.

Attackers are well aware that businesses often tend to be lax in implementing and enforcing cybersecurity — as well as providing a security budget and staffing. All of these reasons emphasize a strong need for vulnerability management. A robust tool can help an SMB find and eliminate vulnerabilities that place. We advise a solution that runs continuous scans and generates comprehensive reports that prioritize detected vulnerabilities for remediation efforts.

What is vulnerability management?

It’s not nearly enough to implement a firewall and run an antivirus solution in today’s world. A company must have a vulnerability management plan implemented to identify and eliminate the exposures their network faces daily. To adequately safeguard their data and assets, organizations must maintain sensitive and confidential data with a vulnerability management plan. Edafio’s vulnerability management plan provides continuous defense possible vulnerabilities to your network by overseeing vulnerability scanning and remediation.

Why Would My Organization Need Vulnerability Management?

Today’s IT landscape is changing, with malicious hackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities on your network.

A robust vulnerability solution involves conducting continuous vulnerability scanning and remediation so you can rest assured that your business’s networks, data, and assets are safe and secure.

How Can Edafio Help?

As a best-of-breed vulnerability management solution, Edafio analyzes IT environments by identifying vulnerabilities while highlighting the greatest risks to an organization’s network infrastructure. 

As a resource of intelligence for the entire technical ecosystem, Edafio will help ensure high availability, security and superior performance. 

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