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It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is complicated.

With the rapidly evolving regulatory guidelines and consumer demands, continually adding new layers of complexity to the healthcare industry, choosing the right path for your organization is the most critical decision you can make.

Across the country, healthcare providers are searching for new ways to provide value to their patients.

Our goal is to help physicians and healthcare organizations provide patient-centered, high-value care that reduces cost and increases care quality. To meet this goal, the approach must be specific to each payer’s coverage and requirements.

This is known as “value-based healthcare.” It is the future of healthcare service technology and allows for the best sharing of information and managing workflow.


Edafio healthcare team is comprised of uniquely qualified senior healthcare professionals and consultants who practice extraordinary insight into the healthcare landscape, clinical models and the technology used to support clients address their most urgent concerns.

For over a decade, Edafio Healthcare consultants work with leading healthcare organizations across the region.

We are continually inspired and encouraged by the clients we serve. They continuously raise the bar to clinical excellence with their relentless dedication to the people they serve is why we feel exceptional privilege and satisfaction in the work we do.

Questions about Healthcare Consulting Services?

Edafio Healthcare consulting team has decades of combined compliance experience in the healthcare industry. Our team has worked with numerous healthcare entities, business associates of covered entities, and other healthcare-related companies supporting their ongoing healthcare practice optimization.

There is no greater support than consultation and guidance. When you talk, we listen, then provide a tailored solution for your business needs. Our certified specialists are standing by to help.



The shift to value-based care requires a greater focus on cost and quality.  Multi-Year Quality Strategy Planning keeps you on the path to value-based care by bringing your plan performance into greater focus and enabling you to make faster, smarter decisions with evidence-based insights and simplified processes.

Healthcare facilities of all sizes should effectively monitor and improve performance associated with measures that their top payors prioritize.  Working with Edafio Healthcare Consultants on a routine basis can help maximize revenue opportunities while keeping you updated and informed on payor programs that are important to your organization’s bottom line.

Edafio Healthcare Consultants provide a review of current policies while offering recommendations, assist in the customization of policy and procedure template as well as provide education and training on HIPAA regulations. Practices find our approach to be very beneficial in their journey to put their policies into practice and action on remediations that need to be performed using a systematic approach.


Accurate and up-to-date documentation is incredibly essential for compliance and patient satisfaction. Edafio can help you understand the impact your EHR has on documentation, and we can help you review all of your documentation for accuracy and compliance purposes. To be successful in an audit, all of your documentation must be up to date and accurate


Edafio has experience in mapping and template building in many EHR’s and will be there to help you with any of your needs surrounding these tedious tasks. Our healthcare consultants are able to work with you on implementing team-based care and optimizing your care team structure at the practice. We can assist with pre-visit huddles, built-in assessments and documentation of clear roles and workflows based on staff type and position. Defining clear job duties, roles, and responsibilities will be a critical, yet effective part of this process.

Electronic Medical Records Application Support

We bring years of experience and expertise to ensure our clients get the most out of their electronic medical records and practice management systems.  This includes the entire ecosystem of additional applications and third-party applications that interface with your documentation and billing systems.  Let our healthcare consultants lead the way in maximizing the use of the EMR and assist in holding them accountable to certification requirements and in-scope services they should be provided to you.

Information Blocking Assessment

To help identify gaps, minimize risks, and motivate change, our Healthcare Consulting Team created the Information Blocking Assessment to assist in developing a plan to meet Information Blocking requirements; delivering a report showing current compliance with the Information Blocking Regulation and Cures Act and rate each finding as high, medium, or low; and
assessing patient portal and other settings to evaluate compliance.


Many insurance payers’ plans have begun covering care management for their patient populations. Participating in innovative payment models like Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) or the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Initiative Billing payers or getting upfront care management fees are excellent opportunities for your practice. However, this type of practice transformation requires hands-on assistance to be successful and audit-ready for claims submitted.
Before ramping up these efforts, take careful consideration to ensure patient satisfaction and outcomes.
Edafio healthcare consultants can lead and assist in this effort as desired. We have found that our “hands-on” approach is an excellent fit for ACO groups as well. We strive to ensure the practice and the ACO can succeed in the various quality-driven programs.


Edafio takes a multi-pronged approach with Practice Transformation. We believe a combination of focus on Annual Wellness Visits, Transitional Care Management, and Chronic Care Management can genuinely move your practice to the next level.
Billing Medicare or other payers for additional services that the clinic is not providing is an excellent opportunity for your practice; however, practice transformation requires hands-on assistance to be successful and audit-ready for claims submitted.


Edafio Healthcare Consultants assist with this program as part of our multiyear quality strategy planning approach. We assist our clients in success for preparation efforts, building out audit documentation all the way to assist with audits of previous years’ attestations.


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