IT Managed Services

Intelligent Technology Solutions. Powered by People.

How do your employees view IT support?

Is it knowledgeable and responsive to meet their needs?

Do you struggle with having enough capacity or experience to work on projects that you know will improve the daily work of your organization?

It can seem overwhelming to keep up with the demand of your users and near impossible to stay on top of the latest technology. Our IT services are here to help you focus on serving the organization while offloading as much of the IT headache as you need.

Leverage our experience and methodology to ensure that you are getting the full benefit from your technology. We tailor our services to meet the requirements of your company. You can have your very own “IT Department” to monitor, maintain, and manage your network along with your own “CTO” to give you the strategic advice you need when you need it.

Already have an internal IT staff? You’ll be able to augment your existing team with precisely the services you need.

African-American woman installing network hardware

Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Assessments + IT Roadmaps
  • Network management
  • Issue remediation
  • Backup verification
  • Performance reviews and planning
  • Security management
  • Patch management
  • Vendor management
  • Service desk


Often times our clients are looking for and needing an IT roadmap. Edafio has developed a methodology where we combine industry best practices and onsite interviews to benchmark a client’s current environment vs the desired end state. A key component of this process is that it is collaborative. The client and Edafio jointly develop an IT roadmap that considers business priorities, budget, and risk.

The core pillars of our assessment include:

  • Security
  • Network
  • Infrastructure Performance and Capacity
  • End-user Computing
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Regulatory / Compliance


Edafio will manage critical components of your network to keep your computer systems operating at peak performance. This includes servers, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, any firewall system, Microsoft SQL, routers, switches, PCs, laptops, Virtual Environments, and other devices. Our customized monitoring software provides 24/7 notifications for any degradation in performance across your systems, ensuring an engineer will be on top of it quickly.


We have selected what we consider best-of-breed tools that allow us to quickly assist in troubleshooting and repair. Depending on your needs we can tailor a solution that fits your environment.


Each morning our engineers will confirm your nightly backup, optimize your backup jobs to your schedule, and keep your software up to date.


We can assist you with IT budgets and planning and provide consulting to help you review your business goals. With a team of engineers that cover so many technologies and industries we truly have seen it all.


In addition to an initial review, annual reviews will ensure that all systems are current and up to date. We can provide environmental reports as needed and help you with your regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and PCI.


We’ll keep you current on all patches and updates released by the software and hardware vendors to ensure your solutions are kept up to date.


We will manage your relationship with all IT vendors providing services to your company. No more headaches and long support calls are necessary.


Edafio will provide technical support on software and hardware products from our certified, frontline-support technicians. These technicians are experienced, dedicated, and the friendliest in the business. We follow no scripts at Edafio and reward critical thinking amongst our staff. Learn more.