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Networking is at the core of the connected business

A computer that works well but cannot communicate with others has little value. Edafio’s networking expertise couples best of class networking capabilities with an eye toward network security to provide your business with an efficient and secure network.

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3 Critical Ingredients in a Secure Network


Firewalls have changed. The firewall of yesterday has become antiquated a lot more quickly than other networking gear – primarily due to security threats. Today, next-generation firewalls not only require expertise in sizing and installation but also require ongoing licensing to allow them to utilize artificial intelligence to secure your business entirely. Edafio’s expertise with AI-driven next-gen firewalls runs deep. We have extensive knowledge of market leaders such as Checkpoint and Cisco, who are completely redefining the space. These days, firewalls are a mix of hardware and subscription. Do you want to leave that balancing act to chance?

Routers & Switches

One minor bad configuration on your network can cause business-crushing delays and inefficiencies. Edafio has the engineers, tools and expertise to make sure your networking equipment plays well together and runs in harmony. The network ecosystem can go out of balance quickly, and malware and create security issues in your network without anyone noticing. Edafio’s professionals keep the lines of communication open and functioning at high efficiency.

Ongoing Maintenance

Network devices have become increasingly complex. All network devices incorporate an aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance self-learning and threat awareness. We are well past the days of “install it and forget it” when it comes to networking. Edafio has the expertise to keep your networking components operating at peak efficiency and in the safest way possible.

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