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The rise of the digital workforce over multiple offices has driven many organizations to revisit their traditional Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology.

Today’s “always-on” work conditions utilize a comprehensive series of communication channels, including video conferencing and streaming, to collaborate across many geographic areas. Remote and work-from-home workers depend on high-performance technology networks to be productive.

Benefits of Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN):

  • Reliable voice quality and performance.
  • High availability of quality bandwidth.
  • Visibility into network performance.
  • “Always-on” connectivity.
  • Simplified multi-site location rollout.

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Edafio’s SD-WAN combines the advantages of cloud computing solutions with real-time traffic orchestration to provide high availability of quality bandwidth for quicker response and application flow.

If a call is experiencing a disruption or latency, SD-WAN automatically fixes the strained traffic connection and re-routes it to a more stable connection without a session drop.

Your organization will see a notable difference in voice quality and application performance to aid in voice, online video, and cloud applications.

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Purchase and Installation

SD-WAN that uses tunnel solutions in pre-existing networks to scale business operations. The SD-WAN offers simplified branch services that extend flexibility to businesses regarding purchase, installation, and maintenance.

Edafio’s SD-WAN combines the advantages of cloud computing solutions with real-time traffic orchestration to provide high availability of quality bandwidth for quicker response and application flow. 

Traffic Management

SD-WAN uses internet and cloud capabilities. This makes it easier to manage traffic between headquarters and corporate offices. Back in the day, traffic management was a nightmare for traditional WAN users. It required planning, logistics, and machinery to scale the network and continuously monitor incoming traffic.

Application Prioritization

SD-WAN provides fresh opportunities in application prioritization. Most SD-WAN providers and vendors like Edafio Technology Partners prioritize the quality of their services, and prioritize the SD applications for their clients. The ability to prioritize the application of these networks has extended further opportunities for businesses that use SD-WANs. Nowadays, SD-WAN provides real-time high traffic monitoring in case of brownouts and initiates a switchover immediately. This automated switchover capability of SD-WAN makes it a win for clients that want rapid switchovers during brownouts.

Operational Costs

Cost is a key factor in a consumer purchase decision. In information technology, clients eye cost-effective and efficiency-driven solutions that generate value and build trust. The SD-WANs place emphasis on high-speed efficiency and low-cost provisions. Clients who buy SD-WANs from Edafio Technology Partners take advantage of a wide range of options like DSL and broadband. By taking advantage of such sumptuous alternatives, they can eliminate MPLS circuits and scale their network plans at no cost. In traditional WAN networks, lead-time was required to set up new circuits at different branch offices. This lead-time required months of planning, heavy logistics, and expertise to install hardware overlays, manage teams, and supervise technical roles.

Virtualization: Remote or Centralized?

The SD-WAN architecture is designed as a unified bandwidth pool provided by many service providers. This common resource allows for a greater resource use when data migrates from one office to another. The traditional WAN provided less data mobility because the system was heavily dependent on centralized data centers. Centralization and overreliance on data centers force traffic backhauling and clog the data traffic. So, SD-WAN remote architecture provides flexibility for individual users who want to migrate data across a supervised ecosystem of computers, offices, networks, and headquarters.


As you embark on any purchase, remember that the SD-WAN network is not restricted by the hardware’s limitations comprising the network. Data centers are limited in dealing and verifying the incoming connections from cloud platforms, leading to a data breach. As you well know, data security is as much a strategic priority as the business itself. Therefore, breaches from a frail and failed traditional WAN network are the worst nightmare for any business. The SD-WAN provides much-needed security by preventing unauthorized connections from unknown centers and platforms.

Find the Right Partner for your WAN Network

The Edafio Technology Partners exist to design and provide intelligent technology solutions for clients and organizations to protect themselves. Dealing with a group of vendors is not an option anymore for businesses that desire fast, long-term, and actionable solutions. Finding the right partner requires collaboration with a trusted partner who can deliver turnkey solutions to pressing technical problems.

The Edafio Technology Partners braces itself for the task of transforming businesses through intelligent technology solutions. As businesses eye transformative solutions in cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data analytics, and networking, leveraging remote and reliable SD-WAN networks is not an option.

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24/7/365 management:

Edafio configures and deploys SD-WAN devices, monitors their performance, and promptly responds to network alerts, assuring quality of service, and voice quality monitoring. 

Leading technology

Next-generation Edafio cloud technologies and VMware SD-WAN propel innovation and agility. Edafio offers anywhere access to data and applications, improved collaboration, continuous monitoring, and reliable “always-on” uptime. 

Impeccable technical support

Fast response to your IT problems, day or night. Our team of engineers is continuously trained and certified in the most up-to-date technology and applications. .

Boutique client service

Edafio aspires to offer you a high-touch approach to service, delivery, and support. .

Expert onboarding

On-site, comprehensive-system design, installation, and training delivered with every deployment. 

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Complete voice, connectivity, and managed service solutions from one provider.