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Businesses in today’s fast-paced environment can’t afford to wait until a critical system breaks to do maintenance on it. Edafio can help your organization succeed with an expertly administered program of regular maintenance, application security management, and backups.

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Edafio’s Systems Administration Process

Proactive Monitoring

Edafio works with all of our clients to perform active monitoring on devices, servers, and network infrastructure. Our monitoring allows us to quickly react to issues when they arise, and to do health checks where appropriate. Monitoring is not just important to identify when things break. It is probably most important to be able to diagnose things that are starting to go wrong. In some cases, we can identify activity that is out of the ordinary or not expected. This prompts our helpdesk to start addressing the issue and to escalate that issue to the engineering team for that client where appropriate.

Proactive Patch Management

Part of any healthy IT environment is the ability to keep up with necessary maintenance. One of the quickest ways to create a security issue is to not keep systems up to date. Edafio works to catalog all aspects of your IT environment and make sure that patches to operating systems and applications are applied at just the right time. Proactive patch management means more productivity from your environment and less downtime.

Endpoint Security

Protecting the entry points into your environment is critical for your IT health. It is as important as closing the windows and doors to your home. Unfortunately, many users do not consider this to be a critical need. Edafio focuses on securing the most used entry points that can put your environment at risk. Edafio has worked with some of the largest endpoint security providers in the world and currently focuses on working with those who have strong zero-day support for malware. Proper endpoint security deployment and management are foundational to your cybersecurity strategy.

Backup administration and monitoring

What would you do if your data disappeared at 3 pm today? How old is your most recent backup? Edafio follows classic backup procedures and focuses on ways to minimize downtime for your business. We also focus on protecting that backup data in ways that are compliant with privacy law. Coupled with backup monitoring, Edafio’s approach is designed to align backup requirements with the needs of your business.

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