Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking can be unreliable and slow if not configured correctly. At Edafio, we optimize speed and coverage with enterprise wireless solutions.

We can design efficient, secure, and scalable solutions for devices in all categories:

  • IoT
  • Laptops
  • Mobile workspace
  • BYoD solutions

Stay online and operational.

Connecting with clients begins with reliable devices and internet connections.

  • Spotty or weak service? Edafio will figure out what is wrong and help fix it
  • Connection lagging? 5G offers much higher speeds than 3G, which means more productivity
  • Moving to a new location? Ensure your WiFi is installed correctly the first time

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What are the benefits of a wireless network?

  • Convenience: Access your network applications from any location within your wireless network’s coverage area or any WiFi hotspot.
  • Mobility: You’re not tethered to your desk like you are with a wired connection.
  • Productivity: Wireless access to the Internet and your company’s essential applications and resources helps your staff work productively and fosters collaboration.
  • Easy setup: You don’t have to string cables, so installation is fast and affordable.
  • Expandability: You can quickly expand wireless networks with current equipment, whereas a wired network might need additional wiring.
  • Security: Improvements in wireless networks provide sound security protections.
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Areas of Expertise

WiFi Deployment

Experience quick, professional service and setup

Heat Maps

Determine which access points provide the best connection


Boost your speed and enjoy enhanced bandwidth and latency

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Pick up and deploy wavelengths in large buildings

Real-World Results

We can predict coverage areas and design around needs for wireless connectivity in spaces large and small, inside and outside, taking a digital floorplan.


A wireless heatmap before the complete redesign. The classrooms have low speed and consistently disconnect when teachers are using technology inside. Coverage areas are concentrated in the hallway where people are walking.

The redesign moved the network to where the people will be using it and leaves enough strength for laptops to roam from one space to another. The speed and reliability remove frustration from unreliable connections with the laptops and provide a smoother experience.


In the above case, we used equipment to provide seamless connections for employees who migrate from clinic to clinic using the same device without reconnecting each time. The infrastructure in place meets the complexity and security requirements for healthcare and education.

We also design smaller networks that offer connectivity to guests accessing the Internet and secure traffic for staff using the same infrastructure without a dedicated controller and licensing cost.

Why Edafio?


Minimize and eliminate blame by using one technology solution partner across your entire infrastructure.


Utilize a holistic method toward your IT setup.


Unify your networks to support multiple applications.


All equipment will work together within your technology infrastructure.


Our team will supply up-to-date options that last.