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Conway Regional Health System

For us, Edafio is more than just a vendor or a business acquaintance that we have. They’re truly our technology partners.

– James Reed, CIO, Conway Regional Health System

Harvest Group

We recognize that it wouldn’t be cost-effective to bring IT in-house when we have access to a tremendous amount of talent, expertise and services that we receive from Edafio.

– Greg Billingsley, Harvest Group, VP of Technology

Ozark Orthopaedics

I would recommend Edafio to anybody looking for a new IT partner, and I would say they’ve been an invaluable partner to Ozark Orthopaedic.

– Tracy Davenport, Director of Operations

Friendship Community Care

Bringing Edafio on as our IT partner was one of the best decisions Friendship Community Care has ever made as a company and an organization.

– Craig Cloud, Friendship Community Care CEO

Landmark CPAs

Landmark works in 20 states and we push high-quality work and client-focused service and that is precisely why we have been so impressed with Edafio and trust and value our relationship with them. They mirror our philosophy and core values.

– Randy Milligan, Partner

Powers of Arkansas

We recognize that we are experienced in HVAC and that we are not so good at IT infrastructure. Let’s hire the experts, and Edafio is it! They listen to our needs and bring a level of expertise, knowledge, and trust that keeps our business growing and protected. In today’s world, we cannot operate without an IT and Edafio was the easy choice and is our preferred IT partner.

 – Alan Hope, CEO

The Eye Center

Edafio has the best interest of The Eye Center in mind. I sleep better at night knowing that Edafio is on top of HIPAA security regulations.

-Shaila James, Administrator

The Harvest Group

Proactive relationship…Helping us think from software, network, infrastructure perspective what we need to be thinking about in the future.

-James Farmer, Partner

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