Cybersecurity is no longer an option. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly reliant on the Internet and information technology systems to run their business operations. With such a dependency on technology, there is an increased opportunity for malicious entities to take advantage of system vulnerabilities. Today, businesses are just one data breach away from making headline news, resulting in severe damage to the organization’s valued reputation.

Security expertise is a foundational component of Edafio’s managed services offering. The three pillars of Information Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) are at the heart of daily life at Edafio.
We realize security is an ongoing and ever-evolving endeavor, which requires a dedicated team of professionals working around the clock. Many Edafio clients partner with us through our Managed Services offering to leverage and incorporate our world-class security monitoring, interpretation, and remediation skills into every thread of their IT canvas.

Best in class cybersecurity depends on multiple layers, and below are some of the cybersecurity offerings we provide our clients:

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Consulting
  • vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Continuous Vulnerability Identification
  • Information Security Program Management
  • Cybersecurity Policy and Procedures
  • Incident Response

And, of course, Edafio provides basic security blocking and tackling, including:

  • Centralized Anti-Virus Solutions
  • E-mail Encryption Services
  • Internet and E-mail filtering, monitoring, and reporting services

Security Awareness and Training Management

Today’s criminals are focusing more and more on tricking employees into revealing sensitive information through phishing and other attacks. However, most employees come in with a limited understanding of what they must do to keep your organization safe. To this end, we’ve developed a training and reporting platform that not only identifies the social engineering threats your business faces, we offer ongoing user training to ensure they are cognizant of these threats and understand the practices they need to follow to ensure they are not putting your organization and their livelihoods at risk.

Edafio’s Security Training and Awareness Program offer a variety of services including monthly phishing tests, user corrective training, quarterly industry training (including compliance standards like HIPAA), and customizable templates that provide exactly what your business needs to create a robust security culture. This program also includes Dark Web breach monitoring, allowing you to stay ahead of the latest security breaches. Reveal your organization employee’s strengths and weaknesses and empower them against cybercriminals.

Security Risk Assessment

The first step to building a strong security program is to understand exactly where you are most vulnerable. Edafio’s Security Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive look at your organization’s security. Our talented group of cybersecurity consultants will provide keen insight into where your organization is most vulnerable as well as next steps to begin remediation.

The Security Risk Assessment includes deep internal and external scans that provide a wealth of information about your asset’s current security level. We also provide information on your system’s compliance with various frameworks including HIPAA. As an added value, we include a baseline phishing test to assess where your employees stand on social engineering attacks.

We also include a topical policy review to make sure your organization has every topic covered. Finally, we provide the next steps for remediation to make sure you can begin mitigating vulnerabilities as soon as possible. With Edafio’s Security Risk Assessment, you’ll have a complete picture of your organization’s current security posture and where to go to make it even better.

Compliance Consulting

With the number of rules, standards, and requirements, it can be difficult to understand the Governance Regulatory Compliance (GRV) requirements your organization faces. Edafio provides a robust Compliance Consulting program. We become your trusted advisor, guiding your organization through the complex labyrinth of GRV.

We offer to consult in HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, FFIEC, SOC, and more. Our experts provide an abundance of industry expertise across a multitude of fields including the Medical and Financial fields. Our experts will help you every step of the way to meeting your compliance goals: from the initial assessment to a creating a plan to meeting standards to establishing an ongoing program to audit adherence to your designated framework.

vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)

Attackers are getting more sophisticated every day. While major organizations like Amazon have the ability to hire dedicated security personnel, it can be difficult for smaller organizations to find someone who can guide their security program from a high level. That is where Edafio’s vCISO program can help.

Instead of trying to find an internal CISO, let Edafio provide the security expertise you need to navigate the fast pace and complicated world of modern cybersecurity. With a vCISO, you’ll have access to one of our highly qualified cybersecurity consultants to provide guidance and recommendations for your organization. They’ll be a dedicated part of your team, working directly with your organization from the boardroom to the server room to ensure that your organization has the best security posture possible.

With a vCISO, you’ll have someone you can trust to stay updated with the latest security trends and guide your security so that it works with your organization’s goals.

Continuous Vulnerability Identification

Cybersecurity is a fast-paced environment where changes happen daily. In this environment, it can be hard to keep track of all the new vulnerabilities that are discovered on a daily basis, let alone understand what the next steps should be taken to remediate them. Instead, let Edafio take some of a load of your security and engineering team by providing Continuous Vulnerability Identification services.

With our Continuous Vulnerability Identification services, Edafio will regularly scan your organization to track new and emerging vulnerabilities that might be potential avenues of attack. Edafio also provides a host of cybersecurity experts who keep up to date on the latest security discoveries. They’ll provide specialist advice on what vulnerabilities do not affect your organization, what they need to worry about, and the best steps to begin the remediation process. With Edafio Continuous Vulnerability Identification services, your organization will stay on top of the torrent of vulnerabilities that are released.

Information Security Program Management

Cybersecurity is at the very core of every part of an organization, but it can often be difficult to keep up with everything that is necessary for a robust cybersecurity program. Edafio provides a team of experts who can manage your organizations Cybersecurity program. Our team will plan, execute, and assess to ensure that your vital assets are secure. With an Edafio Cybersecurity Consultant, you get a trusted advisor who can guide your program maturity while also integrating with every part of your organization to make sure that cybersecurity is maintained at every level.

Cybersecurity Policy and Procedures

A good policy is critical to ensure organizations are providing the security they need to stay safe. It can be difficult to know what policy your organization needs and how that policy can translate into procedures that are easy to understand and execute.

Edafio provides our policy and procedure expertise so that your organization has the right first step to creating a comprehensive security program. Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking a fine polish on existing policies, our policy professionals will make sure that each document is tuned to the needs of your organization, not a one size fit all solution. Once the policy is in place, we’ll begin to work with key stakeholders across the organization to make sure it is translated into procedures that make sense for your culture while also keeping your organization secure.

Incident Response

When the worst happens and your organization faces a security threat, it can be difficult to know the next step to take. Edafio offers Incident Response services that help guide your organization through the tumultuous process. Our cybersecurity consultants make sure that proper incident response procedures are put into place including identification, investigation, triage, and remediation. We are also connected with some of the foremost Incident Response experts around the world. Best yet, we stay with you every step of the way, providing guidance, advice, and expertise is likely what is going to be one of the worst events for your organization. We ensure that the incident is handled in a safe, timely fashion that mitigates as much damage as possible.