Security Risk Assessment

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What exactly is a Security Risk Assessment?

The Security Risk Assessment from Edafio includes an in-depth review of your company’s essential security procedures, policies, networks, and technology to give you a thorough understanding of current security risks and verifies the controls in place to minimize threats.

We’ll help your company understand the risks around your people, your processes, and your technology.

By taking a holistic approach to bolstering IT and security, we can help you understand what assets are at play, what vulnerabilities may exist with those assets, and any threats you may not be aware of facing your company. We will provide actionable steps to prioritize and reduce risk.

Conducting an SRA is an integral part of a company’s risk management process. Our assessment allows you to review your current risk and security posture to assess your company’s remediation needs.

We create an effective remediation plan for long term planning and risk management.

We offer SRA’s to meet a variety of compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ISO 27001. Some factors can affect the depth of a risk assessment, including the size of an organization, growth rate, resources, and asset portfolio.


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Identifying assets, vulnerabilities, and controls

A Security Risk Assessment (SRA) identifies, evaluates, and performs critical security controls of your assets, controls and vulnerabilities within your company to ensure risks have been appropriately mitigated.

Carrying out a risk assessment provides a business to assess the application portfolio holistically—from an attacker’s viewpoint. It helps managers in making educated resource allocation, tooling, and security control implementation decisions. Conducting a security risk assessment is an essential part of an organization’s risk management process.

Asset = Data

Vulnerability = Internet

Control = Firewall

In this example, the control would be a firewall on your internet (vulnerability). This is the first step in mitigating risk.

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Why do I need a Security Risk Assessment?

A Security Risk Assessment is essential in protecting your company from danger. It provides you an in-depth review of your hardware, software, policies & procedures, and overall security. An assessment helps you quickly identify potential threats against your company, such as hacking attempts, a misconfiguration in your network, and missing security policies.

What’s Involved in a Security Risk Assessment?

We recommend annual assessments of critical assets with a higher impact and likelihood of risks. They typically cover all aspects of a company, from IT to operations to HR and accounting. Our team performs a deep-dive assessment, usually within six weeks, walking through the phases outlined below:

Initial Discussion

We schedule a call to discuss your company, procedures, and goals during the Risk Assessment process.

Onsite Discovery

Next, our team of consultants will spend time at your facility to perform an onsite or virtual review of your technology and processes.


Edafio's security analysts then take the information gathered during the onsite visit and begin identifying risks and controls that you may have in place already. We want to understand how you are protecting your assets or information. Do the right people have access to the appropriate information? Is it on the cloud or internal sitting on a server? Is it being backed up? Were there any major vulnerabilities discovered? How do you response to incidents?

The Report

Once the analysis is complete, we deliver a comprehensive SRA report which outlines all assets, vulnerabilities, and risks. The report also includes recommendations on how to improve your overall security and compliance.