Information Blocking Assessment

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Information Blocking Trends and Statistics

1 million dollar icon with warning arrowNon-compliance could lead to civil monetary penalties of up to $1 million per violation for engaging in information blocking.
SOURCE: Information Blocking Claims: By the Numbers |

83% icon with lightbulb83% of Information Blocking claims submitted were by patients on their healthcare provider. Don’t be the next organization that has a complaint filed on your healthcare system.
SOURCE: Information Blocking Claims: By the Numbers |

The rules are changing

On October 6, 2022, the scope of EHI under federal rules increased substantially. The expanded definition includes any electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) under HIPAA that could be contained in patient medical or billing records or used to make a decision about a patient.

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What is Information Blocking?

The act of unreasonably interfering with or preventing the interoperability of Electronic Health Information (EHI) through actions, inaction, cumbersome processes, or excessive fees. In short, Information Blocking and the Cures Act is an important part of improvements that must be made in the healthcare delivery system. The intent is for patients and caregivers to have timely electronic access to the information that is being used to make decisions about their healthcare.

What is an Information Blocking Assessment?

An Information Blocking Assessment is a one-time project with an approximate completion time of 4-6 weeks depending on the number of people and interactions.


Make an Informed, Scalable Decision with Edafio

How can Edafio help?

To help identify gaps, minimize risks, and motivate change, our Healthcare Consulting Team created the Information Blocking Assessment to assist in:

  • Developing a plan to meet Information Blocking requirements
  • Delivering a report showing current compliance with the Information Blocking Regulation and Cures Act and rate each finding as high, medium, or low.
  • Assessing patient portal and other settings to evaluate compliance.
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$2750 One-Time Fee

Information Blocking Compliance Roadmap

We are here to help guide your organization’s compliance journey around every twist and turn.

Apr 2021

The federal rule on Interoperability, Information Blocking, and ONC Health IT Certification—which implemented the 21st Century Cures Act—went into effect.

Oct 2022

Require healthcare stakeholders to share all EHI

Jan 2023

Must have the following in use:

  • Single patient API uplifts for USCDI v1 & FHIR R4
  • Bulk data API supporting USCDI v1 & FHIR R4
  • Enhanced C-CDA Document supporting USCDI v1
  • Other 2015 CEHRT Cures Update criteria

Jan 2024

EHI export

  • Limited to certified products
  • Tailored for both single-patient & full database export
  • Optional to adopt