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Minimize Delays Created By Technology with Remote and On-Site User Support

Managing an IT environment is difficult enough. Managing an IT environment while also offering user support can only add to the complexity. Edafio’s user support structure is a dual-pronged approach built to ensure clients’ needs are addressed and resolved immediately as they arise. Whenever you deal with technology, things happen—computers crash. Passwords are lost. Email stops working. Someone clicks on a bad link. Edafio’s helpdesk services are designed to keep your employees working and minimize delays created by technology.

Edafio’s user support structure is a dual-pronged approach built to ensure clients’ needs are addressed and resolved immediately as they arise.

Remote Support:

Remote support is a standard offering and one and is the quickest way to most resolution. The Edafio helpdesk is a natural extension of our automated monitoring, which alerts us to issues that a typical user may not see. When direct interaction or assistance is needed from one of your users, our technical professionals can access your environment remotely and address situations as they happen. This allows your associates to receive immediate assistance and minimize any lost productivity due to a technical issue.

On-site support:

On-site has always been part of the Edafio story. If an issue cannot be quickly resolved remotely, we will dispatch an engineer to address the problem on-site and make sure it does not repeat itself. We also utilized regularly scheduled on-site support, which includes scheduled visits to ensure that your environment is running at peak efficiency and to have a presence to address issues that may be lingering but not creating immediate downtime.

An engineer offering remote user support to an Edafio client

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Examples of items addressed by Edafio’s helpdesk user support:

  • Operating system issues
  • Microsoft 365 administration
  • Email applications and web browsers
  • Thin clients and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Printer installation and support
  • Mobile phone and tablet authentication to approved systems
  • User administration
  • Desktop performance issues

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